About the Students and Scientists


Zarina Akbary
Undergraduate at Drew University
Ahmed Alzubairi
Student at Columbia University

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Sarah Alzubairi
Student at Northern Vance High School

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Zoe Grier
Undergraduate student at Tufts University

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Naomi Kenyatta
Student at The Horace Mann School

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Natalie Kolba
Student at Barnard College

As a senior at Columbia University,  I am a pre-medical student currently in the midst of my medical school applications. BioBus captivated my heart and mind in my freshman year, and I value the skills I have attained and the people I have met by being a part of this organization.

Katie Lowen
Student at Wesleyan University
Sharlene Odame
Student at The College at Brockport State University of New York

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Jane Rhee
Student at Stuyvesant High School

I am a high school senior interested in science journalism and education! After spending a few years doing research in a cell biology lab, I realized that what I really love doing is talking to people and teaching them about science. Through BioBus, I’ve been able to do that through art and videos.

Ashley Rivas
Undergraduate at Smith College
Francesca Soddu
Undergraduate student at The City College of New York
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Francesca Anselmi

I’ve always loved thinkering! During my PhD, I learned how to build microscopes to investigate the mysteries of the brain: it was so much fun, just like playing with legos. That’s why I started the BioBus DIY microscope project: to share my passion for building with the future generation of scientists and engineers.

Robert Frawley
Ben Dubin-Thaler
Latasha Wright
Josh Sanders